Awards put spotlight on tech innovation

Awards put spotlight on tech innovation

Tech innovation isn't all about new products – it can mean working in a more innovative way with technology too.

And it can have many unexpected benefits, as Connected Space, sponsors of the 2017 Tech Innovation category of the Croydon Business Excellence Awards, found while working on a recent project.

With the first round of judging underway in the White Label-organised 2017 awards – a shortlist will be announced shortly – Connected Space explained how innovative working practices elevated a key client relationship.

The technology solutions company, based in Croydon's booming Tech City, was working with Tungsten on innovative solutions to improve the Fintech firm's revenue stream. Both teams were so motivated while working together, they were even coming into work earlier and leaving later.

"Working together had the effect of including rather than excluding the Tungsten team, getting their crucial buy in on the project," explained Connected Space founder and chief technical officer Andy Poulter.

"Working as co-creators meant that innovation was shared between teams and the fast progress and success of the project had an effect on the performance and motivation of the Tungsten team who were enthused by the new and innovative work they were doing.

"So not only did CS deliver an innovative product, they also helped innovate the existing team and throughout the wider organisation."

Connected Space, which has just celebrated its 4th birthday, delivers innovative solutions to business problems through technology. Describing themselves as co-creators of innovative technology, the firm works with business partners to solve their business problems.

Tungsten, a global electronic invoicing firm that provides supply chain financing services in the growing 'Fintech Sector,' wanted to innovate fast to keep ahead of the competition. So, Connected Space used their experience to identify new services and revenue streams, such as applying data driven strategies to identify supply chain trends. Connected Space also worked in an innovative way by working alongside the Tungsten development team.

Tungsten Product Manager Lisa Grayston said: "Connected Space is one of the most professional, reliable, highly adaptable and inventive teams I have ever had the pleasure to work with."

Andy Poulter is now looking forward to hearing about Croydon's booming Tech City firms who have entered the 2017 Croydon Business Excellence Awards.

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